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Looking for artificial grass in Las Vegas, NV?

Looking for artificial grass in Las Vegas, NV? Due to being located in the arid Mojave desert, growing and maintaining a natural grass lawn in Las Vegas, NV can be costly, if not nearly impossible. The scarce rainfall and scorching heat mean growing and maintaining a traditional lawn will require endless amounts of water in addition to ongoing lawn maintenance. The best way to beat the hassles of lawn care is to install superior artificial grass from EnvyLawn. With EnvyLawn’s variety of synthetic turf it will make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood or business district.

Commercial Artificial Turf Always Looks Great

Odds are your commercial lawn has seen better days. Water is at a premium in Las Vegas, Nevada and keeping your lawn immaculate requires expensive ongoing landscaping and maintenance work. Few have enough time for this. The answer? Install artificial turf. 

With artificial turf, you can save on the thousands of dollars that you would normally spend each year on lawn care. Artificial grass lawns save you time, money and effort and it always looks beautiful. Our custom designed and professionally installed commercial artificial turf looks amazing year round and stays pristine with little to no maintenance on your part. 

Our turf is made in the USA to the highest quality standards. It’s durable, looks great, and has nearly zero maintenance. With our artificial grass lawns you won’t have to worry about unsightly dead patches or small critters turning your commercial lawn into a hazard of uneven ground.

Did Someone Say Golf?

Keep your golf game on par with your friend by installing artificial putting greens. You can pretend you’re on the back nine of Augusta while sipping your favorite brew in your backyard.

Invite friends over for a barbecue and putting practice.

Dog Grass Helps To Keep Your Pets Contained

Whether you live in a busy neighborhood or out in a rural area, the last thing you want is for your pet to go missing. Dogs often dig their way under fences and make a break for the world because they saw a squirrel or other animal dart in front of them.

Pet turf helps to safeguard against this. They can try to dig but they will not break through the turf because it’s designed for durability. And the days of random holes in your yard are over.

Las Vegas heat is harsh and can lead to burnt paws for your pet. Our pet turf stays cool, so you don’t have to worry about their paws.

Keep Your Children Safe with Artificial Playground Turf

Kids are rambunctious and enjoy the occasional tumble, but the injuries suffered because of natural grass, rubber pieces or wood chips turn a playdate into a nightmare.

Our artificial playground turf has the look and feel of natural grass, but with an added layer of cushioned protection. One of the biggest hazards of traditional playground safety materials is they are uneven and contribute to more falls than they stop.

This isn’t an issue with our synthetic playground turf. Our expert installers keep it even from beginning to end. Keep the first-aid kit in the house, as our playground grass is non-abrasive, hypoallergenic, and it helps to protect your kids from injury. With playground turf from EnvyLawn it helps with an added level of safety and protection for your little ones.

Residential Lawns Never Looked Better

Lawns in Las Vegas don’t have it easy. Droughts and high temperatures make it difficult to maintain its green look without paying for chemicals, lawn care and fertilizer treatments.

Our artificial grass won’t die, doesn’t grow, and doesn’t need constant attention. With a beautiful synthetic lawn from EnvyLawn you can save your precious water for drinking and cooking and not for keeping your lawn green.

We manufacture our turf to be durable so that it will last for many years. Every time you walk outside or look out your window, you’ll see a beautiful well-manicured lawn and know you made the right decision.

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