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Throughout the years, EnvyLawn has become a recognized name in manufacturing and installing artificial grass in Savannah, GA. Located on the border of Georgia and South Carolina, Savannah has long been known as the archetypal suburban utopia, with exquisite parks, golf courses, and antebellum architecture. However, to bridge the old and the new, both commercial and residential customers have been switching to artificial grass. EnvyLawn has established itself as an experienced and dependable partner to accommodate this transition.


The use of artificial grass has grown exponentially over the years. Today, it’s common to see synthetic grass installed in the following areas:

  • Residential front and backyards
  • Golfing putting greens
  • Dog & pet areas
  • Commercial businesses (playgrounds, shopping malls, & sports facilities)

Residential Yards

While ordinary grass still dominates most front and back yards, artificial grass has become increasingly popular due to its benefits. For instance, it eliminates the need for tiresome, time-consuming, and costly landscaping chores. The turf is also unaffected by weather or use, including prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays. It also conserves water at a time when conservation is a critical environmental and economic issue.

Installing artificial grass on your front lawn is also a great way to make it stand out in a commonplace neighborhood. Consequently, many homeowners install it to enhance their home’s value before selling.

Golf Putting Greens

Among other pastimes, Savannah, GA is also known for its love of golf. It’s no wonder so many private and public golf courses have transitioned to synthetic putting greens surfaces. This makes perfect sense since synthetic turf is remarkably consistent, does not fade in any weather, and is unaffected by foot traffic.

Artificial mini golf turfs are also popular with Savannah, GA golfers who relish the convenience of practicing and playing at any time of day or night. Installing an artificial grass golfing turf also reduces the need to travel long distances to play golf. Additionally, golfers are spared the inconvenience of extended downtime whenever a golf course closes, whether for maintenance or after-hours. Many shopping malls and campgrounds also choose to integrate mini golf courses to attract customers.

Pet & Dog Turf

Artificial grass is a great option for dogs and other household pets. Unlike traditional sod, it’s highly resistant to digging. It is also easy to clean and deodorize, which is a significant advantage because pet waste and odors are the primary sources of concern with regular grass. Finally, artificial grass is free of bugs, ticks, insects, fungi, and allergens. This affords your pets a healthy environment to run and play.

Commercial Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is ideal for commercial applications due to its excellent return on investment. That’s why it has become common at playgrounds, parks, apartment complexes, schools, daycares, shopping malls, and even sports facilities all over Savannah. It protects children from injury during playtime, is exceptionally durable, visually stunning, and easy to maintain. As a result, many Savannah, GA businesses have come to embrace synthetic grass.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

The overall benefits of artificial grass cannot be underestimated. For instance, it’s incredibly easy to maintain. It does not require ongoing lawn mowing, watering, seeding, or even chemical treatments. Owing to its synthetic nature, it does not fade over time regardless of use or exposure to inclement weather. Finally, since it does not rely on chemicals to sustain its overall condition, it is highly eco-friendly.

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