Artificial Grass Installation in Jacksonville, FL

During months of extreme heat and heavy rainfall, Jacksonville benefits significantly from artificial grass solutions that will adapt to harsh weather conditions with excellent drainage and durability. Your artificial lawn will look beautiful, like it was just maintained, all year long.

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We offer exceptional installation services for anyone looking for artificial grass in Jacksonville. Our dedicated teams at EnvyLawn offer artificial grass manufacturing and installation services. Our products are USA-made and have a ten-year warranty transferable to new homeowners.

Artificial grass is beneficial for hot or dry locations. Lawns using artificial grass stay green year-round and don’t become dry and brown. Installing synthetic grass is a perfect solution to saving water during heat waves.

When heavy rain and hurricane season approaches, our artificial grass provides excellent drainage. Your lawn remains fresh and green and doesn’t leave dirt and mud behind. Our grass is also durable and safe for kids and pets.


If you live in Jacksonville and want the best-looking lawn during hot and wet summers, artificial grass is the perfect solution for all weather conditions. It can handle the heat and won’t dry up, and it can take the rain and won’t build up mud.

 The artificial grass installed in Jacksonville is made from durable and eco-friendly materials. When properly installed, EnvyLawn’s artificial grass adapts your lawn for multiple weather conditions year-round.


Jacksonville is known for its beautiful weather and the backyard is highly utilized by homeowners. The addition of a custom designed putting green for your home will increase the time spent outside by your family. EnvyLawn can design and install a putting green that will withstand the region’s hot and wet weather.

When the rain becomes torrential, mud won’t form once it seeps into the surface. When it gets hot and dry, the putting greens won’t dry up and become brown from intense exposure.


Dog and pet grass is a great solution for Jacksonville pet owners who want to renovate their lawn to improve their pet’s lifestyle.

During intense rainfall, dog and pet grass won’t leave dirt and mud residue after the weather lets up, and makes it less likely for your pets to leave a mess outside. The grass’s sturdy material also prevents them from digging holes and helps you save money on repairs.

Artificial grass will not turn brown during hot and dry weather, so your pet always has stunning grass to play on. EnvyLawn pet grass also benefits pets’ health due to containing no pesticides and not acting as infection zones for flea and tick-borne illnesses.


Parents want their kids to play in safe areas and always look for the best types of play areas that meet safety guidelines. Playground turf works best for Jacksonville play areas because it works best for all of its weather conditions. The turf stays green all year and won’t dry out. Thanks to its drainage, mud and dirt won’t build up and can help prevent slippery accidents.

EnvyLawn designed its playground turf from durable, eco-friendly materials, and with the proper installation, can  help protect kids from getting hurt while they play. It is also simple to clean and non-organic; therefore, it won’t attract pests.

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