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Hyper-realistic artificial grass has the durability and capability to beautify our lovely suburban neighborhoods, golf greens, and in parks, business centers, daycare facilities, pet centers and more in San Diego, CA.

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Providing the pleasure of both the look and feel of lush green grass, synthetic grass has evolved so that you get countless benefits without paying a heavy price that traditional lawns demand in water, time and work in order to achieve that always green, well manicured landscaping that the EnvyLawn artificial grass has from day one and every day afterwards for years to come.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

With a beautiful EnvyLawn artificial grass lawn, you’ll be in the green within a short amount of time; saving time and money by recouping the cost with water-savings and minimal maintenance costs. All while you enjoy the lush fullness and always green artificial lawn that doesn’t cause grass trains, or allow for mud, allergens or pests. With the added benefits of your lawn being the envy of the neighborhood, many of our clients also report an increase in their home’s value and curb appeal.

EnvyLawn artificial grass comes in a variety of options to get the exact look and feel you want. We are able to have our synthetic lawns installed anywhere, which is great for those hard to reach areas or difficult spaces. Since our turf doesn’t have sunshine needs or soil requirements, you’ll have perfect artificial grass in San Diego for years to come.

Artificial Grass

EnvyLawn artificial grass looks perfect day and night, 365 days a year. You don’t have to water it, fertilize it, or mow it. For a region like San Diego that is continuously under water restrictions this is a welcome relief. Many of our clients report saving significant money with all of the reductions in time, labor, costs, and water as compared with a traditional lawn.

Not only will you save the time and money associated with routine lawn care, you’ll also end up with a beautiful lawn that doesn’t go dormant and brown in the winter or produce a lot of allergens in the warmer months. Artificial grass in San Diego is an excellent choice for the climate and the environment as it is recyclable and saves on fossil fuel use and water.

Golf Putting Greens

No golf course is complete without expertly manicured golf greens and with EnvyLawn no job is too large or too small. We can quickly outfit a full golf course or small backyard green saving you labor while providing an impeccably manicured green year round with our synthetic grass golf greens. Our putting greens can be installed on the course and are tour worthy. They can also be installed in your backyard for a luxurious addition to increase your short game skills at home and a great way to decompress daily. Putting greens or golf greens of any size, shape or color are custom designed with your needs in mind. Our expertly trained team, who also have real genuine passion for the game, are here to help you design the ultimate golf experience for your space.

Thanks to EnvyLawn, artificial putting greens and synthetic golf greens in San Diego just got simpler. We can supply you with the same experience you would get on a traditional golf course for less hassle. You can select from a variety of grass heights. No mowing, no fertilizing, no watering. Just more time to enjoy playing golf.

Pet and Dog Grass

Artificial turf is easy to clean and deodorize and is non-toxic. Your pet’s liquid waste drains away just like rainwater will. EnvyLawn provides several excellent options for pet and dog grass in San Diego, California that are long lasting and durable.

Playground Turf

EnvyLawn playground turf is a beautiful and safe option as opposed to the unsightly wood chips or tire shavings, that can become a choking hazard or that shift and thin out in areas. They also are impossible to clean, track everywhere, and can attract pests. This isn’t a worry with our realistic synthetic playground turf.

Our playground turf has a cushioning underlay that will help lessen impact of trips, falls and tumbles keeping the little ones safer.

Artificial grass has fewer insects and allergens and mimics the experience of regular grass. Get a safer option for your backyard play area, day care center or playground with EnvyLawn playground turf in San Diego.

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