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Tucson is known for having hot dry summers that can be brutal for traditional lawns; yet there is hope for homeowners that want a lush artificial grass lawn installed by EnvyLawn. No more need to endure dry, brown lawns when you can have a beautiful always-green artificial grass lawn in sunny Tucson, Arizona.

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Benefits of Artificial Grass

Having perfectly manicured green grass is difficult to achieve when you are facing the dry summer heat we experience in Tucson. There is planning, money, and time that goes into a beautiful lawn. By investing in EnvyLawn artificial grass, you will get the luxurious look of a yard that you have always dreamed of, without the headache.

There are many benefits to choosing EnvyLawn for your artificial grass in Tucson, Arizona. Artificial grass produced by EnvyLawn is made in the USA and has a ten-year warranty that is transferable to a new homeowner. We have an excellent, dedicated, and knowledgeable team ready to help you design your custom synthetic lawn. Our experts are excited to answer any of your questions about artificial grass.

We offer a wide variety of synthetic turf with varying grass blade lengths, colors and styles. Offering custom design and expert installation so that you can have the beautiful lawn of your dreams. We also offer  luxurious golf greens and putting greens for avid players with great attention and love for the game, providing you with greens to rival the most high end golf resorts on the tour. And for your children’s playground we are proud to feature our cushioning and protective underlay to help keep the little ones safer. Last, but not least, pet and dog grass options for your furry ones are also available. We are able to transform any space to suit your needs with our artificial turf solutions.

Artificial Grass

One of the many features of our artificial grass is that it looks and feels real without time consuming upkeep. Our local customers in Tucson love not having to worry about lawn care. An EnvyLawn artificial grass lawn is intended to be enjoyed year round and the more mild winters of Tucson give you ample occasion to enjoy your beautiful artificial lawn.

Think about how much money and water you can save by not turning on your irrigation. Another plus is that you won’t have to worry about attracting pests that ruin your yard and landscape. Investing in artificial grass now will pay off in the long run by having a lower water bill every month, spending less time cutting the yard, and less time worrying later on.

Putting Grass

EnvyLawn can help you come home to unwind while you play the sport that you love all year long. Imagine being able to relax and work on your short game right off your own back lawn.

If you enjoy playing golf, we have the high quality putting grass you need. We design our golf greens specifically to your needs.

Synthetic putting grass in Tucson, Arizona will mean a quality putting green that looks beautiful, but most importantly it plays well year after year.

Pet and Dog Grass

Having pets is wonderful, but when they start bringing in dust, dirt, and mud from the yard it’s not so fun to clean up after them. You can prevent that by investing in a lawn of pet and dog grass from EnvyLawn.

With a pet and dog grass area your pets will be safely protected from dust, dirt, grass stains and mud of traditional lawns. They will also be more protected from allergens and biting pests found nesting in a sod lawn.

Our pet and dog grass is unique because it drains quickly, helps control pet odors, looks beautiful, and it is easy to clean.

Playground Turf

If you have a playground or daycare that needs a safety upgrade, our playground turf is an excellent addition. Like our other synthetic grass solutions, playground turf in Tucson can withstand the heat, high traffic, wear and tear. Not only will it keep your children safer as they play, but it’s low maintenance and saves you money on landscaping fees.

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