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 We understand that pets like to spend a lot of time outdoors. We also understand that pet owners are always looking for places to provide their furry or non-furry friends with the best outdoor experience. At EnvyLawn, we believe the ideal outdoor experience comes complete with custom-designed artificial pet grass and dog turf. Our synthetic grass is gentle on paws, porous, highly durable, easy to clean, and more!

The Popularity of Dog Parks

Many dogs need a place to run, exercise, play, and socialize. That is why dog parks have gained more and more popularity in recent years. They provide a space for dogs to play and even mingle with other dogs. Typically, dog parks are fenced in and often allow good boys and girls to run free without the constraints of a leash. 

For years, natural grass has been the predominant surface at most dog parks and pet play areas. However, due to the cost and time required to maintain natural grass, many dog parks are transitioning to more affordable, low-maintenance artificial grass.

Doggy Daycare Centers and Pet Resorts

In the United States, the dog boarding – also known as doggy daycare – industry is booming. The concept is similar to traditional child daycare: busy pet owners drop their pets off at a pet daycare center. The center then assumes responsibility for the animal’s care throughout the day, giving them attention and socialization instead of leaving them home alone all day. 

Our artificial turf is the perfect addition to any doggy daycare facility. It is easy on paws due to its soft padding, resilient to digging and wear and tear, and highly porous, which makes it easier to clean and drain. Our artificial grass for pet resorts and doggy daycare centers also utilizes odor-killing technology, which helps fight the smell of pet waste. 

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Excellent Drainage

Synthetic pet turf is an excellent way to keep your pet’s area clean. At EnvyLawn, our artificial grass does not allow liquids or spills to pool. Our turf is incredibly porous, allowing water and other fluids to drain easily. This not only helps reduce pet waste odors but makes clean-up and maintenance much more manageable than natural grass. In addition, with our synthetic dog grass and artificial pet turf, pet owners don’t have to worry as much about their pets messing with mud and bringing dirty paw prints into the house.


Pet turf and dog grass is a much healthier option than natural grass. Oftentimes, natural grass attracts pests like fleas, ticks, and other insects. Artificial grass is less likely to attract these kinds of invaders and is typically cleaner due to its ease of maintenance.

Resistant to Digging

Many dogs love to dig. For them, it’s a fun way to exercise and play. Unfortunately, digging can be dangerous, especially if a dog tunnels under a fence and escapes into a neighbor’s yard or even the street. Installing artificial grass is an effective way to help put a stop to digging and potential escapes.

At EnvyLawn, our synthetic pet grass utilizes our EnvyFiber technology. As a result, all of our pet turf products are incredibly resilient and resistant to digging. This helps create a safer habitat for dogs, as they are far less likely to claw their way out of your dog park or pet resort.

Fewer Allergens

Natural grass is often home to all kinds of allergens, which can affect both humans and pets. There are even specific types of pollen that can cause grass allergies in dogs. The prevalence of these allergens can be especially bad in the spring and fall seasons. One way to cut down on natural grass allergens is to install artificial grass for your pet resort, dog park, pet facility, or doggy daycare. 

Due to its synthetic composition, our pet grass and dog turf will not produce the same kinds of natural grass allergens – even during the spring and fall seasons. When our artificial grass is kept clean and maintained, you can be confident that your pet will be more protected from all kinds of pests and allergens.

Easy to Clean

Artificial turf is an optimal solution for pet lawns at dog parks, pet facilities, and doggy daycares. With its consistent, non-growing look and drainage, our pet turf is easy to clean and does not require any special care. This is a huge benefit for busy dog parks and pet facilities. Less time spent cleaning pet play areas creates more time to spend interacting and caring for the pets themselves.  

Excellent Heat Dispersal

Lastly, EnvyLawn’s synthetic dog and pet grass is also amazing at dispersing heat. Even in the searing summer months, our artificial turf remains more hospitable and comfortable enough for pets to play on. As a result, synthetic grass helps keep our furry friends from having any burnt paws.

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EnvyLawn’s premium synthetic turf is the obvious choice for commercial artificial grass, including pet grass and dog turf for pet resorts, dog parks, pet facilities, and doggy daycares. Our artificial grass is durable, resistant to digging, easy to clean, and more. As a bonus, the long-term durability of our synthetic lawn products is backed by a one-time transferable warranty. To get started on an order of artificial grass for your pet park or facility, contact us today!


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