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At EnvyLawn, our team of artificial grass experts manufacture, sell, design, and install superior artificial turf products for various purposes in the United States, including driving ranges. Our synthetic golf greens provide golfers and enthusiasts with a high-performance surface that provides a fully optimized response for competing or practicing. Yet, this is not the only benefit of our artificial golf grass. It is also strikingly realistic, durable, and requires little maintenance. As a result, it is ideal for a variety of golf applications and facilities, such as driving ranges.

For golfers of any skill level, driving ranges are fun, functional spaces that allow them to practice their driving abilities outside of a golf course. Driving is a crucial part of the game of golf. However, it often takes hours upon hours of practice and warming up to be able to effectively drive a golf ball without forcing it in the wrong direction or putting an unwanted curve on the ball’s trajectory. Thankfully, driving ranges give golfers a space to hone their skills instead of taking up too much time on a course. Plus, these specialized golf facilities can be improved upon with the right surfacing, such as the superior artificial golf greens from EnvyLawn!

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Benefits of Artificial Grass for Driving Ranges

The benefits of installing artificial golf grass from EnvyLawn in your commercial or private driving range in the United States include:

High Performance

At EnvyLawn, we have over 30 years of experience in artificial grass production. During that time, we have not only crafted superior artificial turf products for lawns and landscaping, pets, playgrounds, and more, but we have also designed high-performing synthetic grass for golfing. Our artificial golf greens are fully optimized for ball response and rolling, putting, chipping, and driving. Unlike conventional grass, our golf greens do not change over time. They provide the same, even playing surface for years.

Dependable, Green Appeal

Each of the superior artificial grass and synthetic turf products from EnvyLawn provide our customers with a dependable, green appeal. Unlike unpredictable traditional grass, our artificial surfaces, including our golf greens, maintain their lush appearance throughout their long lives. This makes our golf greens a consistently attractive option for golf facilities like driving ranges.

Little Maintenance

For commercial or private golf facilities, our modern artificial golf grass requires little maintenance. This is especially great news for those who understand how much of a hassle it is to keep up a traditional golf green! Unlike our easy-to-maintain synthetic turf, conventional golf grass needs near-constant upkeep. From trimming to watering and more, grass maintenance for putting greens, courses, and driving ranges is time-consuming and costly. Fortunately, with our artificial golf turf, maintenance is quick and easy!

Proven Durability

Golf courses and driving ranges are frequently admired for their beauty. However, long-term beauty is not possible without resilience. Fortunately, at EnvyLawn, our synthetic turf for driving ranges has proven durability, especially when compared to traditional, living grass. Our artificial golf greens can withstand foot traffic, impacts from clubs and golf balls, and the weather. As a result, it can retain its aesthetic appeal and usefulness at driving ranges for years to come!

Artificial Grass for Driving Ranges

Sadly, many driving ranges in the United States and elsewhere utilize traditional grass for their surfacing. While natural grass is the most traditional surface for golf, it is not the best or most beneficial by any means. Artificial grass from EnvyLawn can provide golfers and golf facilities with golf greens that are not only optimized for the game but advantageous in regard to maintenance, durability, and longevity. These factors and more make artificial grass an ideal surface for the game of golf, including driving ranges.

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Artificial grass driving ranges from EnvyLawn can provide golf facilities and private residences in the U.S. with a consistent surface that is optimized for the game. Our synthetic golf turf is high-performing, lush, durable, and low-maintenance. This makes it a cost-effective surface for driving ranges, indoor putting greens, backyard putting greens, and more

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