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Adding a putting green to your backyard may have always seemed like an unattainable dream, that coupled with the complexities of how the professionals do it.

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After all, they hire entire landscaping crews to maintain and trim the putting greens as needed. That kind of requirement on your time is daunting or if you are paying for yard maintenance it is expensive to maintain.

That’s why installing a backyard artificial grass putting green from EnvyLawn is the perfect solution. Having the luxury of a backyard putting green is easily attainable. With our expertise and our beautiful and durable synthetic putting green turf makes for having the ultimate backyard putting green of your dreams a reality. Requiring little to no maintenance. 

And our backyard putting greens easily drains off rain water, allowing the rain to soak back into the soil, preventing water build up such as puddling and pooling. 

Our beautiful backyard putting greens increase both the value and aesthetic of your home.

Why Choose EnvyLawn Putting Greens?

EnvyLawn is one of the top artificial grass producers in the country. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, rest assured that our team of designers and installers can build a putting green to fit your needs and specifications. Our putting greens offer all of the same benefits of the greens at the golf course, but without all of the extra maintenance or course fees. EnvyLawn’s EnvyGolf putting green material is specifically unique for outdoor putting greens throughout the US by utilizing the embossed, non-skid backing that has more dimensional stability than the industry standard polyurethane backings. 

We can install custom backyard putting greens that are ideal for every yard. Whether the climate where you live is dry and arid or if you live on a rainy coastline, we have a home putting green that will fit your drainage and golf practice requirements.

Improving Your Short Game

While there are benefits to installing a home putting green outside of just improving your short golf game, the main reason you’re considering installing one is to dominate your friends and colleagues on the golf course. Having a home putting green to practice on is the perfect way to get it done.

Accuracy in your short game is what will take your golf game from a few strokes over par to shooting on or under par in most games. Poor driving or chipping can hurt you in a round or two, but having a weak short game will add points to your scorecard much faster. A strong golf game is attainable with consistent golf practice, and by installing your very own backyard putting green just makes it that much more convenient to get your practice time in.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

It’s not often that doing something fun can increase your home’s value, but that’s exactly what installing a backyard putting green can do. Think about it, when you were home shopping, a backyard putting green would have been a real eye-catcher for you, wouldn’t it?

A residential putting green is a safe, fun, and downright good looking addition to any home and when the time comes to sell your home, it can only increase the value. The bottom line is, an EnvyLawn putting green could easily wind up paying for itself in the future.

Best EnvyLawn Artificial Grass For Backyard Putting Greens

  • Our exclusive and innovative non-skid backing system is tri-layered for optimal functionality 
  • Easy indoor installation requiring less adhesive over a variety of surfaces from concrete, vinyl, wood, and more 
  • Durable adherence that will not shift underfoot regardless of heavy traffic
  • More positive drape with dimensional stability for outdoor installations 
  • Dries within minutes of cessation of rain
  • Brings the beauty of a natural looking course to any backyard
  • Less time away from home and overall time savings with the convenience of a backyard installation
  • Minimum maintenance while keeping the just maintained look of lush green golf course and putting greens
  • A wonderful addition for your guests to enjoy when you entertain and host parties
  • Provides a wonderful socializing experience for any guest regardless of their golf skill
  • Brings the high end golf course to you in your very own backyard
  • Industry standard in keeping with the PGA golf tour with a true ball roll speed between 9 ½-10 ½ on stimp meter
  • Exceptional safety features and a nylon fire rated product for ASTM D2859
  • Most innovative nylon two-tone color in the industry
  • Ultra-realistic with a beautiful natural look and feel


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