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EnvyLawn offers an alternative to the full time job that is your traditional lawn with our hyper realistic beautiful artificial grass lawn in Dallas, Texas. Elevating your curb appeal and having the lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood with your lush synthetic lawn.

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Installing artificial grass in Dallas, TX is a great way to save time and money while still reaping all the benefits of a perfect lawn. EnvyLawn offers many different kinds of grass, with different heights or textures, so that you can select the one best suited to your needs. Artificial grass lasts for years and does not need to be mowed, water or fertilized.

For added peace of mind, EnvyLawn comes with a ten-year warranty that can also easily transfer to a new homeowner in the event that you sell your home. Don’t know which product is best for you? Let EnvyLawn’s knowledgeable team help you.


Regular grass in Dallas is subject to damage by bad weather, pests or poor care. Artificial grass avoids all those issues. Despite not needing to be watered, EnvyLawn’s artificial grass will drain even better than regular grass when it rains, though won’t brown in the sun. You’ll be able to skip waking up early to mow the lawn before the sun comes up and the heat hits.

No matter what you throw at your artificial lawn, it can last for years to come. EnvyLawn installs artificial grass that’s perfect for residential areas, commercial areas, putting greens, and is ideal for pets and children to enjoy.


Maintaining a putting green in the middle of a Dallas summer is no easy feat. There’s the humidity, the heat, and of course, there are plenty of pests. Then comes winter, and though the temperatures are perfect for golf, the grass goes dormant and starts to brown.

By having EnvyLawn install a professional putting green in your backyard, you skip all those pesky maintenance issues and hassles — you get to go straight to working on your short game.


Artificial grass is perfect for the whole family, and that includes the four-legged members. EnvyLawn’s artificial grass is made in the USA, is non-toxic and stays beautiful year-round. Even after years, your pet’s waste won’t damage the turf, and liquid pet waste drains away just like rainwater.

You will appreciate the ease of caring for artificial grass, and  your pet won’t even notice the difference. Installing dog and pet grass in Dallas makes your life easier.


If you are installing a playground area, you’re probably concerned about the safety aspects. At EnvyLawn, we are too!

While grass seems like the obvious choice for a children’s play area, it lacks playground turf’s superior shock absorption. This feature lessens  the chance of impact injuries with our cushioning underlay and dedication to mitigating trip zones to prevent tumbles and falls when they are hard at play.

Playground areas that use loose filler materials can often attract pests. This is not the case with EnvyLawn artificial turf that doesn’t allow for space or conditions that are necessary for pests to thrive.

EnvyLawn playground turf also mitigates the known allergens of traditional lawns further keeping your little ones safer from allergens that can be a concern in the warmer months.

An EnvyLawn playground turf in Dallas, TX is an excellent choice for commercial and residential play areas! It’s incredibly easy to clean and sanitize as well as being low-maintenance.

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