San Antonio, TX Artificial Grass Installation

Residents of San Antonio, TX benefit from EnvyLawn’s artificial grass as an easy and luxurious lawn solution to increase curb appeal and enhance property value. EnvyLawn synthetic grass turf allows you to have a custom designed and perfectly manicured lawn today, tomorrow and many years into the future, regardless of seasons and inclimate weather.

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No outsourcing here! EnvyLawn manufactures and installs in house.

Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial installation we have the artificial grass to suit your application. EnvyLawn offers cost-efficient artificial grass landscaping, that is specifically custom designed and installed with your needs and wishes forefront in the design. We take into account how you will use the space as well as to ensure that you, your family, friends and even your pets too will enjoy the space.


In hot and dry regions like San Antonio, artificial grass benefits you by saving water and lowering your utility bills. Artificial grass keeps your lawn green year-round, never drying out or getting brown. Synthetic turf is easy to manage, so there’s no need to spend extra money on continuous landscaping and maintenance. Eco-friendly and visually pleasing, EnvyLawn grass is safe for your kids and pets.

If you want to landscape your yard with artificial grass in San Antonio, then our services are perfect for you. EnvyLawn specializes in artificial grass manufacturing and installation. Our products are environmentally-friendly, made in the USA, and offer a ten-year transferable warranty for new homeowners.


We offer a variety of landscaping options for you to choose from for artificial grass installation. In San Antonio, having an always green and lush lawn with our synthetic turf is always a plus. San Antonio residents can save precious water with artificial grass and avoid unsightly brown patches on their lawns.

Our artificial grass in San Antonio is durable and crafted from eco-friendly materials to help give a natural look that lasts throughout the year, year after year, especially in hotter areas. Our friendly, dedicated team members can help you choose the right fit for you.


If you are always ready to practice your golf skills, our putting greens are perfect for a mini golf game at home. EnvyLawn carefully crafts putting greens suitable for any environment. Enjoy working on your short game with an excellent green aesthetic to beat stress.

Maintenance of your putting greens is simple and helps you save gardening fees and water. Artificial putting greens never grow or dry out, so caring for it in a hot, dry environment is wonderfully convenient.


Our synthetic EnvyLawn pet grass helps make your dog’s playtime less of a hassle for you. Dog and pet grass suits your San Antonio lawn by reducing messes on your property. There’s less dirt, and your dogs won’t dig through it. We designed our dog and pet grass to be sanitary from the ground up.

Dog and pet grass for San Antonio homes also benefit your pet’s health. Your dogs will have a safe play area free from fleas, ticks, and pesticides to help reduce spreading disease. Even the hottest summer days in San Antonio can be a lush haven for your dogs.


In San Antonio, nothing is more important than the safety of our kids. EnvyLawn offers satisfaction and additional safety through our playground turf. Due to its padded underlayment, having a San Antonio play area with our durable playground turf makes your child less likely to get hurt.

A simple rinse is all you need to wash the playground turf. Playground turf won’t generate mud or dirt and is less likely to attract insects. Also, synthetic turf doesn’t host the allergens like a traditional lawn does. Whether your kid is at the park, daycare, or play area, EnvyLawn’s playground turf helps keep San Antonio safer for your kids.

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