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Artificial lawns are the best low maintenance solution for a beautiful yard.

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With EnvyLawn you can customize your synthetic grass to create precisely the type of lawn you are looking for. You can choose from different colors, textures, and your choice of blade length to get the perfect look and feel that works for you and your space specifically. 

Why Choose Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has become so advanced that most people won’t even be able to tell the difference in your front yard, side yard or backyard. Unlike natural grass, you won’t have a die off in the heat of summer or have to endure a seasonal change in color or lushness as it heads towards fall and winter. Artificial lawns remain green and full year after year, regardless of the season.

Additionally, a lawn of artificial turf isn’t susceptible to disease, so there will be no brown patches or clumps of weeds in your new lawn. Synthetic turf is very low maintenance saving you from the need to fend off disease, weeds, and more; which makes it not only a huge time saver but a great way to save money. 

From our broad inventory of synthetic grass featuring many different options, it is easy to find a soft texture for a great backyard artificial grass lawn. That makes it fantastic for outdoor play. Unlike artificial turf of the past, this won’t be hard on children’s sensitive skin. 

Despite looking and feeling like a natural lawn, these artificial options are incredibly durable. They will easily stand up to running kids, all of your pets, and the seasonal weather conditions. 

Most natural lawns will need to be watered, reseeded, weeded, mowed and maintained to some extent weekly. This won’t be an issue with turf. Your artificial lawn will continue to look and feel performing at its best for many, many years to come. 

Eco Benefits

Artificial lawns require no watering, so even in dry climates, your yard will look beautiful and green. This is great for the environment. There is no need to waste water to keep your lawn looking lush. Additionally, an artificial lawn is a great way to avoid water rationing or watering restrictions or other watering hurdles. 

Another huge plus is the time savings. There is no maintenance with this lawn, which means you won’t be wasting any time fertilizing or watering your grass. It also means that you won’t have to mow. You choose your blade length when buying your artificial turf. And there is no need to worry about lawn care when you are going out of town or taking the weekend off. 

Artificial lawns are durable and will last many years, so you won’t have to think about maintenance or replacing it for a very long time. That’s years of weekends saved from hours of lawn care and maintenance. 

Or if you live in a region that gets regular rain and down pours you won’t need to worry about standing water as artificial lawns are also great at preventing muddy patches with exceptional drainage capabilities. Gone are the days where you have to worry about your pets rolling around in mud puddles. 

Artificial grass not only saves you a ton of time, but they are a huge money saver. Never again will you have to worry about purchasing fertilizer or getting gas for your lawnmower or even buying or maintaining the lawn mower itself. 

When you finally do have to replace your artificial lawn, it is easily recycled. Along with all of the  fossil fuel and water savings, this fact that the artificial turf is recyclable further lessens your global footprint on the environment.

Best EnvyLawn Artificial Grass For Lawns

  • Comprised of the highest and best grade of components and safety measures throughout the manufacturing process; from tufting, coating, secondary coating, and extrusion
  • Exceptional durability with our backing that allows for breathability and drainage
  • Complete with our best in class warranty
  • Custom design build installations
  • Multi-purpose, allowing for a variety of uses for one area depending on your needs
  • Ideally suited to multiple applications – landscape, golf, pet, playground, rooftops, commercial, poolside, and more
  • Helps prevent erosion by protecting the ground beneath and keeping it in place
  • Water preservation as it does not demand watering like traditional sod lawns
  • Aesthetically pleasing with the ultra-realistic look and feel, staying green year round
  • Fully recyclable 
  • Limited vapors to environment with low to no off gassing when newly installed 
  • Less pollution as there is no need for lawn maintenance and the petrol fuel vapors associated with the lawn mowers and other maintenance tools
  • Limits the use of hazardous chemicals as found with weed killers or harsh fertilizers
  • Extremely low maintenance holding up beautifully regardless of the weather, month, or season
  • Long lasting, durable and holding its beautifully manicured look from day one and able to withstand heavy play, foot traffic and use year after year
  • Environmentally friendly

The Bottom Line

Synthetic grass is the most cost-effective option when thinking long term about your lawn. By saving on water, fossil fuel usage and recyclability, it is the most environmentally friendly option available. 

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